Day 1…..again….for the 97th time.

It’s Day 1 of my diet. I’ve been saying this almost every Monday since the beginning of the year. I know how to diet. I know that meal prep and accountability are key. And above the desire for weight loss, I know that eating sugar and gluten causes havoc on my body, and results in AI (autoimmune) flares. For me, the Keto diet has been the only diet that helps with my AI symptoms. I have experienced all the amazing benefits I get from a keto woe (way of eating). I’ve been successful on keto in the past; I lost over 50 pounds in 6 months last year. Yet, here I am, starting over again for what feels like the 97th time.

So I’ve decided to dig in a little deeper. Why do we self sabotage our bodies? We find a way of eating that works for us. (Way of eating sounds so much better that a “diet” doesn’t it?) We lose a bit of weight, then slide back into old patterns. We “reward” ourselves with a cheat meal. I mean c’mon, we earned it! Which turns into a cheat week, then all hell breaks loose and we eat everything we see.

How can I stop this cycle? What makes this time different? Is sheer willpower the only thing that works? I’m desperate to feel well. Not to be exhausted all the time, and to live a full life again. I want to be able to run without dying after 30 seconds. I want to be able to REALLY play with my littles. I want to have the energy to do everything I want to do everyday. The desire is there, but how can I make that a reality? The only ways that have worked in the past are:

1: Accountability – Welcome, you’re my new accountability buddies. I hope this blog helps hold me accountable to my commitment to not eat foods that cause my body to attack itself.

2: Planning – I am a planner. It’s engrained in my every fiber. I currently use 4 different planners, 3 HP (Happy Planners) and a bullet journal. In all diets, not just the Keto Diet, planning is KEY. I was introduced to freezer meals about 6 years ago, and it changed my life. A few hours of prepping, saves me precious time and hassle each night at dinner.

On Sunday, my mother and I prepped 7 freezer meal dinners, breakfasts for all week, boiled a dozen eggs, and made 2 kinds of fat bombs to help when the sugar cravings hit. My fridge is filled with water and Powerade zero and MIO with electrolytes (to help combat the dreaded CARB FLU), flavored seltzer water, fresh berries, chopped salad, KerryGold butter, and Cold Brew Coffee. I’m prepped and ready, now it’s time to just follow through. I’m really going to do it this time. The old saying goes, “If you write it down, it becomes real.” So here’s to the beginning.


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